space between each chinese/japanese characters in PDFs generated

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I followed the instruction in the FAQ to use Asian characters

It seems to work well however I got some strange space between each characters, it is totally useless .

I can not found the cause of that prob, I inserted a picture on that link to visualize it well.

any Ideas About that problem?


Thanks you all

First try changing Settings > Advanced: from ‘all’ to ‘none’ and see if that improves the result. If it doesn’t change it back from ‘none’ to ‘all’.

Next try a different .ttf file instead of the one from the FAQ ( unifont-5.1.20080907.ttf )

Maybe try downloading one of the .ttf files from this page: (eg: ipag.ttf) and upload that as “arialuni.ttf” to UCM (just like in the FAQ).

Or maybe if you have a .ttf font file on your computer that supports Asian characters you could upload that as “arialuni.ttf” to UCM (just like in the FAQ) to see if that produces a better result.

Good luck!

thanks for your quik reply


Unfortunately none of your tricks works.

Settings > Advanced: from ‘all’ to ‘none’        ——————————> no more Asian characters are displayed

ipag.ttf  as arialuni.ttf ———————————> No more PDF generated (I noticed that with some others true type fonts , the PDF could not be generated as well )

I am using your last version of ucmp

You could try one of these fonts, I’m not really sure which or if “unicode” means they will support those characters.

I’m just trying a font editing program to see if it will let me reduce letter spacing in ttf files.

I’ve just tried a couple of the fonts from here: some of them work some of them don’t. Are you able to find a font here that contains your desired characters?

Please upgrade to the latest “PDF” version through UCM (just now) and then generate a PDF. After generating a PDF you will see a new option in Settings > Advanced called “pdf_unicode_font” that will have the value “arialuni.ttf”.

You can change “arialuni.ttf” to any other font file name and it will use that font from the html2ps/fonts/ directory. This is an alternative to uploading new fonts over the top of “arialuni.ttf” and might make testing multiple fonts quicker.

I have tried couple other fonts , some works but the space between characters remains.

Did you encounter the same problem with fonts?
I mean,I am wondering if it is really a font problem
Is there a way to debug the PDF generator process
To know which is faulty?


Ok , Fist of all, I think the approach is wrong.

First of all with embedded font the PDF file grow up to 3-5mb just to add couple of characters……..

I already faced this kind of prob in the past

I could make PDF compatible with all computers and IOS as well using this PDF property:

how to modify your html2ps code to make it generated a PDF without embedded font containing the above informations (in my screenshot)

also why in the database, the content are not code in UTF-8 directly?
for example , Chinese characters are display as :さかな魚(ansi)


Please try changing the advanced setting ‘database_utf8’ from 0 to 1 to see if this fixes the database encoding issue.

We did enable this by default a while ago, but everybody who had their system setup before this change said that it broke the system. Please feel free to test by making this ‘database_utf8’ change and then looking at the UTF8 information within your system to see if it displays ok, and test if you are still able to search, and test how the information saves within the database.

Is it possible to please send me through a UTF8 PDF example file that is compatible with all computers and IOS that does not use embedded fonts? I can have a look at the settings of both this pdf and a pdf generated from html2ps to see if I can find out. (this is the html2ps code used in UCM: )


this is an example of PDF working perfectly
try to see if you can copy the same fonts structure with html2ps please



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kyserspace between each chinese/japanese characters in PDFs generated