Software Invoice BUG!

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I posted this to the support ticket I opened but as he is travelling I thought I would post it here. Sorry I don’t see an option for picture so I might put them up on my server and link. If I have time but the post gives you the gist of the bug. If anyone knows a way around this or the fix please let me know.

Unfortunately a client pointed this out to me. So I’m sending you screen shots. This problem is with the invoicing. When I create a normal invoice everything is okay. When I create an invoice with a “Discount” things get strange. Attached are two snippets of an invoice. Once is viewed within the system itself during creation of the invoice. All numbers are correct. When I click for the PDF version or send the PDF via email the subtotals change to the point they don’t add up.
On the PDF the first subtotal shows the discounted rate, then the line below shows the discount and the next subtotal takes the discount off again. But the total is correct. What it should say:
Subtotal = Full Invoiced amount
Discount applied = (whatever the discount is)
Subtotal After Discount = Minus the discounted amount.

You can clearly see it doesn’t do this currently. This is the discount feature added before taxes.

This error is resolved in the latest update. Thanks for reporting it!

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bythebyteSoftware Invoice BUG!