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Just posted this here so its more organized.

1. It seems like nobody cares about it except me, but using Whitelable theme, upgrading is making all line much thicker and not as good lookin as it was

Here is and exemple :

Before :

After upgrading : posted by @UCM-TEVO

I’m having the same issue as well with my white label theme as the old version looked more clean.

2. For some reason this is still buggy for me. When using twitter, I can create it and tweet it but UCM does not log/show the outgoing tweet. Because I have facebook connected as well it does see it under the facebook account as posted to the wall.
It did import past tweets correctly and I’ve archived them, but nothing new is showing up. And yes I gave it full permissions on the app.

As for facebook, I created a post, sent it and off it went into cyberspace. It never made it to the facebook wall. I’ve tried 2 different accounts, yes they import past posts but nothing new.

Lastly, even though I archived the messages the “Social” button still counts all messages ie 47, but when you goto the inbox its empty as well as each individual accounts.

Am I the only one experiencing these issues? I’m using a white label if that makes any difference – posted by @bythebyte

I’ll put in a bit more “debugging” in the next update (hopefully today) so you can see where the message is failing and we can fix it up.

As it charges to move to work with google + and Instagram?
Thank U!

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