Social Facebook Plugin issue : error message when answering posts

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Hi all !

Tried to post a message from UCM to facebook: OK ! 🙂

Tried to answer a post or a private message : KO 🙁

Unknown error, please try reconnecting to Facebook in settings.
Tried to reconnect many times, without succes (from Firefox)

Here is a screenshot :

Any ideas ?

Replying to a facebook Private Message seems to work here.

You can write a message on this page and I can reply to it to confirm it’s working from UCM.

Does anything display when the “debug” option is enabled?

If you send your own page a private message can you reply to it?

Ok i Will,

Does the fact we use a https connexion can be causing this ?

Last but not least, Congratulations for you and your wife for your upcoming baby !

ditto grats Dt!

I’ll put in a bit more “debugging” in the next update (hopefully today) so you can see where the message is failing and we can fix it up.

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UCM-TEVOSocial Facebook Plugin issue : error message when answering posts