Site Security Seal Embed Setting

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Since UCM is used for payments/etc. I am sure many of us have an SSL certificate for the site.

While not all customers realize the https:// means they are on a secure network, the site seal that we embed into our site is a good indicator for them and can give them some ease (as well as reflect a sense of professionalism).

It would be great to have a setting in UCM that we can paste our embed link for our site seal and have that integrated into the actual UCM template site-wide. I know we can code that into ourselves, but it would also be easily overwritten, so a setting that is site-wide (and allows us to embed that/or does automatically to our online payment invoices/etc.) would be incredibly helpful!

Yes we can make it easier to append custom html to the header/footer areas. This could be used for a site seal. It would require a bit of CSS, as the current themes might not have a place for a site seal to appear.

That would be great!

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savioSite Security Seal Embed Setting