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When you go to Settings – Signup. I want to edit this… I have searched and apparently you can edit / add fields on the left but there is no such option. Any help would be appreciates. thanks

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Which of the below services do you require? * Graphic Design Website Design

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You can edit it in the same window – the code is on the right of the form.

When I was playing with it, it seems that you have to copy the code and put that on your website page somewhere (it doesn’t seem to update the integrated sign up form on the home page). It would be nice if the integrated code area did update the integrated form, but in my playing around with it, that wasn’t the case.

Thanks for the answer savio.
I know the code is on that page and that you can use that to paste on another site.. But that code is actually what shows on the sign up page. And somehow I have edited the code before by adding more text fields and now its showing by default. I dont remember what I did. There is no way to save after you make changes to that code box so I was just trying to figure out where I need to edit to change the info .

The signup page will by default show “Extra Fields”. So if you create a new extra field for a customer or a website it should display in the signup form. Yes having a live editor for the signup form and been able to save changes would be nice, and will be something we’ll consider in the next round of signup updates.

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