Showing Blank Screen

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I m using UCM Free From las 1 month and found everything fine so as i decided to upgrade with Pro , i m seeing Big Error after updating FREE edition from latest update (free) from latest update my system did not work properly When i login and click to invoice or customer section they show me blank screen, even when i click extrenal invoice link from old click side they also shw me blnk scrren

after this i have checked with my host but nothing issue with that so i have change hosting from other host just becoz testing UCM on other server but result is same after fresh installation on new server same issue showing

Now i have Question

FREE Edition is time limit (becoz after 1 month this working stop)
Is this way to convert FRee to Pro/Paid

and if not then please help me becoz i want to upgrade with Pro but i m little bit confuse if this problem show me once again … then so please give me solution so i can test free edition before upgrade to paid


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yunusb2kShowing Blank Screen