Setting up access for a Contractor

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Hi there,

Anyone any ideas how I would give a contractor access to the system?

Ive created a new user role “Contractor” but I only want to give him access to the customers he is assigned to, Jobs he is assigned to, and tasks he is assigned to. At the moment he can see all the other tasks in a job. I want him to be able to only see the timers for the tasks he is responsible for.


I dont want him to see billing information, invoices etc…

Help please.



This would be done in Settings/User Roles.

Can the below be done as well for the contractor user role?

– Should not see customer field
– Should not be able to edit Description
– Should not be able to edit quantity
– Should not be able to edit assigned staff. Enabling this shows all your staff members that you have.

Kindly assist.

Thank you.

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brownd92Setting up access for a Contractor