Secon Level Menu in Custom Data Forms

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As we have a massive list of custom data in our menu, it will be great if we could group them in second level menu… what do you think about?

this is good feature. also a thing another good future will be to create drop down menu that will show section with all the fields based on select the option in menu.

i mean, when you create new custom data entity you need to create new section with all the fileds you need. if i will create couple secastion in one entity it will show one after another.
but if we could make drop down menu will couple option and then when you select the option you need all the fields with this section will appear and the other will be hidden. this way you can make clean costen data clen and only show all what you need by the option that selected. otherwise it will show all of them in one page and this is messi thing.


I was about to request this feature as well, but then I saw your request.
Thanks, you have my vote for this.

I really could use this feature to make an inventory of my wares, and instead of editing my list to fit all my wares needs, I could just make a custom data list for each category of my wares.

+1 on this.

Groups and sub groups for custom data….very much needed.

Trying to make a list of musicians for an event we are organising.
would like custom data “musicians” with sub groups

-bands (group)
–rock bands data
–blues bands data
–reggae bands data

-DJs (group)
–dance music DJs data
–hip hop DJs data
–trance DJs data

-singers (data) no sub group here. not a lot of categories to put solo singers in really!


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lucaSecon Level Menu in Custom Data Forms