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Is it possible to dumb the software down by removing the finance , tickets and websites (you’ve told me how to do this one before) modules ? We have an existing finance and job processing system and we don’t want to run twice.  We do however need a purely sales CRM.

You can try rename the folders to see if that works, eg:

rename includes/plugin_finance/ to includes/old_plugin_finance/

rename includes/plugin_website/ to includes/old_plugin_website/

rename includes/plugin_ticket/ to includes/old_plugin_ticket/

I have not tried this, something is sure to break because it was not designed to run with those things disabled.

The other option may be to create a new user account that simply does not have permission to access to these things so they will be hidden (better option maybe?)

Why couldn’t you modify the User Roles and just not give access to those modules…

These are good ideas, I’ll give them a run and see how they look. From a longer term perspective, maybe you have 3 or 4 products in this software DT but that may just be the marketing manager coming out in me  😉

I agree, if you can put the modules activated by a panel in settings (so you can have full updates without worry about activate what you don’t want) and name the website module to something more generic… I can see it be used in any kind of projects: i.e websites field can be changed to a date or calendar picker (i have a wedding coordinator client that can use it right now – yes you can add a extra field, but at the end in the urls showing /website/) or put a google map address… perfect for any local service provider.

Sorry if my English makes no so clear my points, but now i use UCM for a property management agency and its perfect, i can use the website module to the property rental profile on the frontend website and don’t allow to see the change request module to the managers.

Thanks for a great script, but i will love use it in more projects and for more kind of clients.

If you mean like a hidden or deactivation feature, so those features aren’t shown if you don’t typically use them, then  I can see that, but at the same time I still want those features because that gives you options and future flexibility if need be, so as long as nothing is cut out but instead an option for hidden/deactivated is included then I’m up for it.

If its to much of an issue to do this, and might break the program , I’d just follow Dt’s instructions listed above, like the old saying goes ” if it aint broke dont fix it”


Yes that is the picture.

And if the main module (now websites) become more flexible, even with other kind of configurations (i.e. date picker, etc)

Now if i disable like old_plugin_some_function, when there is an update and i want a full update (because always there something new that the UCM guys do better for us), i get again the NEW_plugin_some_function, so the instructions for ¨manual¨ disable needs to be do again.

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