required check box for quote

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it will be really great to have a new function to protect us against the law.

In my quote template i added a check box which is required to approve the quote. This check box says: i’m agree with terms and conditions and there is a link with my terms and conditions.

The problem is i can’t have any trace of thaht check box in my database because it is just something i put by myslef.. i’d like this function on the quote template, and i’d like it required by client. And i need that it is something log in database, that nobody can change even super admin and something that can be easy to see by admin and by client. On their online quote AND pdf quote.

I just have the case with one of my client, i need to show him, he checked the box, so he accepted my conditions. But i can’t show him nothing. Just my words 🙁

Thanks guy’s

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kenjiddrequired check box for quote