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OK, DTB here we go again.

I was following up on a previous question regarding Billing DOMAINS on a bi-yearly invoicing.
As this is a JOB, as well as a PRODUCT, it seems in the UCM world that it is a SUBSCRIPTION??

As there is a NEWSLETTER feature to the site, then SUBSCRIPTIONS are more appropriate to JOINING and SUBSCRIBING to a Newsletter.

Now I have found that I should invoice Clients use of web hosting, domians or services as SUBSCRIPTIONS?????

I have previously said there seems to abe a quirk way of doing things, well this is really quirky as there is also a BIG BUG!!!!

here is the ERROR:::

Domain Name Purchase – £25.00 Every 2 years starting from
Next due date is: 23/10/2013 DUE TODAY
Invoice will be created 30 days prior on 23/09/2013 OVERDUE (in -30 days)
This Subscription will renew on 23/09/2013 and will be automatically emailed

OK see the problem, if you set renewal to invoice 30-days before, then it trys to invoice the original INVOICE 30 days before it is created!!!! GOOD BUG this!!!!

Can you PLEASE SEPARATE OUT RENEWABLE SERVICES as SERVICES not as a SUBSCRIPTION… as subscriptions is more to do with Publishing/ Magazines/ Memberships etc. NOT a professional service.

Sorry about this, but do a google on it and all you will find is Magazine Subscriptions.


FORGOT To further mention::

  • There is NO way it seems to change the DEFAULT CURRENCY from USD$ to GBP£.
  • Also No support of CSV IMPORTS
  • Nor Bulk Delete!

sorry again,


In he case of a DOMAIN, if you have to use SUBSCRIPTIONS to invoice every 2 years, is there anyway of assigning the name of the DOMAIN to the subscription…

at the moment it seems you need to create a subscription for EVERY domain!!!

rather than a Yearly subscription that is associated with a domain.


2 years service – *.com Web domain >

I specialise also in many different domains including:
*.com, *.info, *.biz, *, *, *.eu

so do I need to create subscriptions for everying, or can thiss all be done as a PRODUCT???

sorry again

When the invoice is created it will have todays date, not a date in the past. Try it.

Subscriptions are detailed here:

Options for invoicing domains are available here:

(ie: link a Subscription to a Website)

Thanks for the fast response,
but you haven’t resolved the bigger picture.

I had already followed these FAQ as listed, and hence the need for questions.

Domains are invoiced on a 2-year phase, they are NOT a subscribed to service, it is a definitive/ legal entity, so NEEDS to be clearly Marked as 2 year Invoice for, not just a domain name. Subscriptions only provides a “generic” title for a “Membership Service” So yes is GOOD for say a web hosting account 10GB yearly account, BUT not for a Legally recognized TANGIBLE – ie a Company’s Brand name as a DOMAIN. This needs to be Clearly Invoiced.

Using INVOICES, you can only set up yearly… there is no option for 2 years!

Likewise the problem with renewal invoices -30 days before renewal date causes the problems I found last night, where your invoice should have been sent 30days before you created it! Ummm a good bug 🙂 a time machine for printing money, thats if clients pay 🙂

Link a subsription to a website, as said previously a website is NOT a Legal entity, it is not a company, therefore legally cannot pay for any bills – so care is needed assigning invoices to a website.

will follow up with you via email if you like
so to keep the channels clear


Sorry this sort of feature is not supported in UCM.

To invoice for a domain name, you can create a subscription and link that subscription to a website. This will automatically link it to a Customer as well. When the invoice is sent to the Customer it will contain the customer details along with the website details, along with the subscription renewal period (eg: 2 years).

If this particular feature does not suit your needs then you don’t have to use it.

Please just create a manual invoice for the customer (type whatever the hell you want in it) and pick a manual “Renewal Date” down the bottom left. When the renewal date is hit the invoice will be copied and sent to the customer. No subscription, nothing like that, just a manual customer invoice that renews whenever you want.

any chance of looking at this as a UPDATE feature, domain names are client specific, so cannot just be a subscribed service. However, they are a product, that needs to be regularly invoiced ever 2 years, which is just one more year than a 1 year renewal.

Surely, adding a bi-yearly option isn’t to much of a problem, and then will enable ALL web designer to be able to invoice Domains bi-yearly as they should be.

Alternatly, what about a subscription service, where you can add the DOMAIN name specifically for the purchaser/ client to see… As said many clients have multiple domains, each with a different bi-annual renewal date, so subscriptions is one way to go – IF it can be made clearly to be seen its a specific domain name.

OK, some service providers provide a 1 year usage of a Domain, but I myself am a registered UK domain reseller with Nominet as well as CA domains, and in the UK and Canada it is a 2 year licences to use the domain.

with thanks in advance

There is no restriction on renewal period. You can have 1 year, 2 years, 10 years if you like. Or even 6 months. I’m not sure what you mean about restricted to 1 year? It works just fine, I invoice many people with hosting and domains with all sorts of renewal periods.

dear dtbaker,

you write “When the invoice is sent to the Customer it will contain the customer details along with the website details, along with the subscription renewal period (eg: 2 years).”

as far as i can see there are NO website-details on the invoice. the only thing is the starting date and date of renewing. the customer who will probably own more than one domain can only guess for which domain the invoice is. is there any chance to show the DOMAIN NAME on that invoice?????

as usual: i answer my question to myself:

i got it. unfortunately this is a CORE-HACK.

1. edit subscription.php in /includes/plugin_subscription
2. in line 728 (nearly) find:

$customer_id = 0;
case ‘website’:
$website_data = module_website::get_website($owner_id);
$customer_id = $website_data[‘customer_id’];

add this:
$website_name = $website_data[‘name’]; (so the script knows the name of website the subscription belongs to)

3. a few lines later (at 777 in my case) you will find:
‘new’ => array(
‘description’ => $members_subscriptions[$subscription_id][‘name’] . $time_period,

CHANGE last line to:

‘new’ => array(
‘description’ => $members_subscriptions[$subscription_id][‘name’] . $time_period . ‘ -> ‘ . $website_name,

4. now it prints the name of the website the subscription belongs to.

as i am not a PHP-programmer i don´t know whether this is 100% bullet-proof but for me it works.

hey dtbaker, is it possible to iclude this in the official version so that after getting a new update everything stays in place?

The idea is actually something I need, but seems impossible to change the default currency. Can I be able to integrate other payment currency script from other source instead?

Erich of, co-publisher of naming book.

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