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How difficult is it to remove the “website” section? I understand the script was designed for web developers but I’m using for a manufacturing company and I’m concerned staff will be confused by the “website” section.

Thanks  Jimmy.

I haven’t tried this, but at the top of includes/plugin_website/website.php look for and remove this code to remove the website link from the main menu all together:

$this->links[] = array(
‘holder_module’ => ‘customer’, // which parent module this link will sit under.
‘holder_module_page’ => ‘customer_admin_open’, // which page this link will be automatically added to.
‘menu_include_parent’ => 0,

and also this code

$this->links[] = array(

around about line 80.


I’ll have a think about better ways to disable these and include it in a future update.



Looking the same. I want to report that I deactivate the plugin, made the changes without the second part of the code which @dtbaker wrote otherwise I get an error, but I still having the webiste form in “Job” section and in tables.

Thank you

Try the latest update, then go to Settings > Advanced and change “plugin_enabled_website” from 1 to 0

This should now hide websites from most of the system. Let me know if it still appears anywhere.

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