Remove Bank Transfer as an option to pay

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I do not, nor do I need the Bank Transfer option in the payments, although I do not see an option to disable this. What is the best method to remove Bank Transfers from the option to pay.

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Can you disable it from Settings > Payments > Bank transfer?

The only thing in the Bank Transfer Tab is:

Edit template: paymethod_banktransfer Displayed when Bank Transfer payment method is selected.

Edit template: paymethod_banktransfer_details Bank transfer details for invoice payments.

There should be a checkbox like this in the demo:

If you do not see these extra options please send in an Email Support ticket and we can investigate.

I actually found a place in the Advanced Settings to change the Bank Transfer from 1 to 0. This seemed to remove the Bank Transfer option from the invoices, although it still doesn’t have the check box to disable it. I have tried it on the default pro and blue themes.

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jbrown1028Remove Bank Transfer as an option to pay