Recurring discount on recurring invoices

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today my system sended out a recurring invoice, but didnt add the discount from the original invoice. also i couldnt add in manually… is there a way to keep the discounts till i remove them?


Not sure if there is a way to treat a recurring invoice with discount (as if the discount should also be recurred). I too have an invoice that recurs on a monthly basis (with a discount) and to get around this problem I do not set the invoice to automatically recur/send (I do the generate invoice manually on the renewal date, add the discount and then send it), you could set it to do the renewal automatically (but not the sending) and just add the discount in manually before sending it out manually.

Not all recurred invoices will have the requirement for a recurred discount (i.e. the discount might have just been a one off discount on the first invoice) so this is a tricky situation I guess…

If you want to add in the discount retrospectively to your invoice that has already been sent to your customer just simply remove the sent date from the invoice and resave it, this will then allow you to make amendments to the invoice and resend it to your customer.

thank oyu very much for the tips jamesbarrel!

i wish ive had known this sooner, was a little mess with the customer haha
well maybe the developers should add a checkbox if invoice is recurring then discount is recuring?

something of that kind 😀


Thanks James,

Yes discounts are not recurred by default.

Please update to the latest version, I added a quick advanced setting called ‘invoice_renew_discounts’. If you change this from 0 to 1 then the discounts will be recurred.

This field ‘invoice_renew_discounts’ will not appear until after you recur an invoice, so setup a “test” invoice recurring and check it all works before doing it for a customer.


hey, you guys are the best, your support is just awesome! just love ucm 😀

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