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I love the Approval Link in the generated email, but in case the customer loses it/etc. Can there be a Quotes tab in the Customer end of UCM where they can also view a quote and approve it? In my test of the Quotes feature (which is awesome btw), I don’t see a way for them to approve it if they lost the original email.

I was able to add “View” to the user roles for customer (in my case client), which allows them to see the quote, but there is a message that says “This Quote has been approved” (which actually hasn’t been the case), and a button to “Convert This Quote into a Job” (which does not give them access to – which is good, but it would be great if it is not even there).

I am unsure if the message that the quote has been approved is a bug as I visited the URL, but never actually approved it – so it shouldn’t say that.

Thanks so much for such an awesome and valuable feature!

The message will display if there is an Approval Date set on the left hand side. Is there a date? If the date is blank please let me know, because that sounds like a bug.

The PDF template from the demo has an approval link in it: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/config.config_admin/template.template_edit?template_id=61

We’ll look at adding a big approval button to the client side as well.

Thanks so much – I was able to add a link into it from the PDF Template. On the client end, no date is listed, but it is actually the Section Header that is titled: Quote Has Been Approved
That is actually pretty misleading (if you don’t know a date should be listed, it appears that it is making a statement). Perhaps instead, the header could be: Approval Details:
or something of the sort?

Thank you!

Yes that’s a bug. Latest update fixes it. Thanks !

and thanks for adding the approval button! awesome fix!

One other possible change would be to have the Approval button open in a new window – or once to is approved, have it automatically redirect back to UCM, or have a link displayed that says “Click here to return to Quotes Overview”.
I found that once I opened and clicked the approval button in order to go back to the UCM I would either have to click the back browser or open a new tab and go back to it. It isn’t a big deal, but for some clients, I can see them lost on what to do next.

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