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Seems like when the quantity is more than 1 in the quote task, it provides the amount per quantity and the total amount in brackets below for the line item. But in the overall total at the bottom of the quote it just takes the quantity to be 1, ignoring the bracketed total amount for each quote task?

Picture of the problem.. notice quantity of 3, total amount in brackets under base amount. Then total at bottom has ignored the bracketed total amount.

I’ve noticed the same!
Just a feature request: is in planning to convert a Quote directly into Invoice?

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll have a fix available in the next few minutes.

At this stage there are no plans to convert a Quote directly to an Invoice. It has to go Quote > Job > Invoice. We tried to go directly from Quote to an Invoice but there were quite a few problems. Maybe one day! 🙂


Please feel free to upgrade Quotes to receive this new fix.

Thank you for the good response and the quick fix, works perfect now.

Impressive product and support!

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