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Hello, I have noticed on the quote PDF that is messing up the images that are used in the templates. I am using the same image (company logo) that I use on the other templates with no problems – but in the Quote PDF it is coming out with black all over it (see link below).


I noticed that this issue is now on all PDFS…was there a new PDF plugin used? This wasn’t the case awhile ago and I haven’t changed the image on the server. When the image is displayed on screen in the UCM it shows fine – but the PDF screws it up.

Thank you!

The above PDF seems to display fine here. Are you able to install a different PDF viewer such as foxit reader or similar?

Thanks so much. I will try a different one though I am using Acrobat Professional CS4

I did just try it on my ipad and shows same error – this would be a different viewer

tried on other laptop using easy pdf…same thing

I’ll dig into it more tomorrow and see if I can find something. Are you able to try the demo and see if those PDFs are also causing issues? http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/

It opens ok here but I’m on Linux. I’ll try on an iPad and Windows tomorrow:

Thanks so much – actually the picture you showed is also showing the error – it is now adding black in the image (if you look under Savio Designs there is a black bar that is now added (where there are actual words: Web Print Apparel Video
Also, under the red globe there is a puddle of black.

The image hasn’t changed, but ever since the quote feature this black has appeared.

I tried uploading the same image in the Demo Quotes and it gave the same result: https://www.dropbox.com/s/th5oujc951mhyiv/pdf%20error.jpg

not sure why images are now messing up.

Thank you!

If the image is a PNG try to convert it into a JPEG with a white background.

Thanks so much – that worked…i changed out all my images to jpg in the templates…thank you!

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savioQuote – Image issue with PDF