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What tag do I use to print the Quote Description in the PDF template? I’ve tried {QUOTE_DESCRIPTION} but it doesn’t seem to work. Please help!

Also, will Quote Notes be possible to display in the Quote PDF in future? Like with how Invoice Notes works?

Also, what is the tag to print the link to the online quote so it can be accepted online?

Thanks so much!!

This should be in the latest update. Click reset defaults then generate a Quote PDF to get the new default pdf template back again.

{if:DATE_APPROVED}Quote Approved By: 
{else}Approve This Quote{endif:DATE_APPROVED}

{DESCRIPTION} on its own should do the trick.

Adding notes similar to invoice is also a possibility. Add this into feature request area and we can let you know in there when it’s done.

Actually now I see that a list displays under the template. I think I’m good, thanks!! Will post again if I’m not!

Any Tag legend in quote pdf like in invoice?
Sorry delete this… It just magically appear! Awesome… like always!

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