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Is it possible to add another feature for “Purchase Order” (PO), basically converting Quotes/Invoice into another form but we should be able to change the price, so we can send it to vendor.

Yes Please Add

+1 with a note 🙂

I think this would be very beneficial if you could use a feature to create purchase orders or work orders for your suppliers or freelance employees. e.g. a purchase or work order linked to a job + customer contact, PO or WO only viewable to the admin and vendor/supplier with customer charges not displayed and but option of which tasks, details and additional information available. Unique order ID and incrementing numbers would be nice, ability to save PO or WO templates for future use, mark orders assigned/pending/processing/completed.


Interested in knowing if this is possible with funding? I realize it would require a more integrated Vendor module that’s linked to Jobs & PO’s independently of the customers, & also linked invoicing that would be an expense/debit for a particular job but it would definitely be something I was willing to contribute funding to for the UCM community.


We’ll have a think about how to implement this and post back if it can be achieved with a small amount of funding

Much Appreciated ! 🙂

+1 funding added!

dtbaker, I need and idea on how much this would cost to be implemented and how long. I would consider paying a large amount for this if the price is right! $80, $150?????

I like this feature request but I don’t think it is fully covering what it needs to as far as the relationship between “Jobs” and “Vendors”.

Many companies purchase parts from multiple vendors for 1 “Job”. For instance, let’s say a kitchen remodeling company is rebuilding cabinets for a kitchen…If their workflow is to first purchase all items needed for the rebuild, that would be considered 1 job with job tasks assigned to multiple staff to purchase parts from multiple vendors (e.g. wood stainer, cabinet hardware, paint brushes).

Wood stainer – purchased from vendor #1
Cabinet hardware – purchased from vendor #2
Paint brushes – purchased from vendor #3

Because of the prevalence situation I would like to propose to extend this request to have the ability to assign separate “Vendors” for each “Job Task”.

To see what I mean I photoshopped a quick image for visual purposes. https://flic.kr/p/uKbMmC

Can developer please state how much money is required to have this implemented?

Purchase Orders module is a must have thing for nearly any business. If we knew what sort of money developer needs to find it interesting enough to implement, we would raise it quite fast.

I added $10 to this but didn’t log in to Forum first and I cant see the amount added please advise.
This would be a great feature to add but it’s only a part of what could be added to link Suppliers and their costs to jobs.

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