Project and Vendor/Supplier/employees plugin

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I would like to have a project manager and Vendor/Supplier/employees plugin. My work is not linked with graphic/web design and I don’t have the same need. I could also try to make my own custumization but I need some help. I could also be not the only one that would like to have this feature.

It should work almost like Job plugin but I need to note tasks and assign them also without amount (a JOB NOTE version inside JOB TASKS); add expenses to my suppliers/employees and income from my sponsor/partners like in Job Finance section.

To do that I need my expense linked to my vendor/suppliers/employees that will reside in a separate plugin from Customers and Users. It will be great to have a modified version of Customers as I don’t use “users” because I need more details in their profile. I also need to know how much money I have to give to my vendor/supplier/employee and automatically generate a new line in Financial plugin (with an income for them and an expense for me) when I add a new project(job) expense task! In a few word a “CONTACT” (WITHOUT “CUSTOMER”) copy with expenses report per employee instead invoice feature and a project version of Job/Job Task,Notes/Job Finance!

Yes maybe this is not clear but I can’t find the words to explain what I need! If you already made something similar or have some ideas how to get what I need because maybe is already implemented in UCM or you really can’t understand what I mean, tell me!

Thank You!

would be interested in this too or instructions on how to do it. Thanks

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lucaProject and Vendor/Supplier/employees plugin