Problems with discount ( Undefined index error )

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I hope that this is something I am doing (i.e. user error) but  I can’t work out what I am doing wrong.

I am very new to UCM and am playing with it before I start to put company data in it.

When I create an invoice and then try to apply a discount I get an error “Notice: Undefined index: discount_type in /home/public_html/ucm/includes/plugin_invoice/invoice.php on line 1481″

The steps I take to create the invoice are

1. Mark tasks/Job as complete

2 Press the create Invoice button and confirm I want to leave the page.

3 The discount type is already set to discount and I enter a discount e.g. 10

4 On accepting this the page reloads and displays the error above (twice)

5 the Invoice is created and the discount applied but the error message (above) is displayed around the screen when viewing the Invoice.

The general tone of the error messages suggests that you need to set up discounts and discount types but I don’t see how to do this.

Any help would be gratefully received.

If it makes a difference I am not using the pro version. I have thus far only installed the basic system I will install plugins when I have the basics working and configured.


Please click manual update button in Settings – the Upgrade to see if that fixes the issue.

Thanks that has worked perfectly.

Is this something that needs done regularly in your experience, or is it a good first step for problems to make sure everything is set up correctly


Thanks again


Yep any “Undefined index” errors usually mean a previous upgrade didn’t complete 100%. 

So clicking the manual update button will ensure any previous updates go through correctly.


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rogermareProblems with discount ( Undefined index error )