Problem with licence

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I cant manage to install the script thsi is the message im getting.
Error With Licence Code. Please try again.
Sorry, the automated upgrade system has detected this single-use licence has been used on multiple installations:

The CodeCanyon licence permits a single installation of Ultimate Client Manager. In order to install multiple copies of the system please purchase another unique UCM Lite or UCM Pro licence.If you have recently moved hosting accounts or changed folder names please wait a couple of days before using the automated update system again or simply contact us and we can assist. Thank you for supporting this software

I want it installed in “” First to try I installed on localhost then I installed on /clientes/ but I had a problem with the php version thats already fixed, then I started getting an error and juswt now I deleted all content from the server and try a fresh install but im gettiung this error. Please help me on this matter I need to have the script up and running ASAP.


Thank you for submitting a support ticket. This problem is now resolved.


Awesome, thanks.

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proventaProblem with licence