Prevent anything to be rendered except pages inside plugin

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I have created a custom plugin, i need to hide anything after page rendering. If you do not understand me, I need to prevent anythings to be rendered except the page inside plugin. How can I do this ?

at the end of your includes/plugin_your_plugin/pages/your_file.php try putting exit;

exit; function prevent all page from appearing except my code. I want just the customer bar to be hidden, not the side bar and the header of the website.

If the plugin is added under a “customer” page then the customer menu will display.

Please post a screenshot highlighting the area you would like to be hidden.

That which highlited with red:

That shouldn’t be happening, I would suggest making a backup of your current “taxinfo” plugin and then remove code from the “taxinfo” plugin until the menu dissapears. That will help you narrow down the code that is making this main menu appear at the bottom.

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gentlexPrevent anything to be rendered except pages inside plugin