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Hello All!
I just purchased and installed UCM pro (smooth install except for php5.3 error) and having a few issues with the FAQ plugin.

First off, it’s hard to search a forum for FAQ queries with the term FAQ all over the place so i apologize if it’s already been discussed.

I can’t seem to get my FAQ “Questions and Answers” viewable to my clients.
I’ve played around with the “User Roles” but when I login as a client, it doesn’t show any links to my FAQ’s.

Any help or similar findings?

Hi Webjinx,

FAQ have no relations with user role i think.

The best way to show them is to integrate them usin and iframe :

Go to settings => FAQ => Settings

You will find the link to your FAQ. You can then decide to add it as a link to any of your website menus, or iframe it into a page.

Hope that helps,


Hi Again,

I realized I did not understood your question, you want the FAQ to appear in your UCM for your customer, not on your website ! Chech this on the FAQ, this should help you :


Hey bouch,

Actually, yes.
I am using this script to send my current clients a login & pw to mainly view their FTP access and provide support.I was trying to setup some basic FAQ’s on how to use these FTP details with popular open source FTP clients like FileZilla.
Since I am directing them to login to the client area, I would like the FAQ link to display and am not crazy about iframes. They have a lot of restrictions and just want to simply display my FAQ’s on the secure area.

Thanks for replying!

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