Plugin/Module Layout and Framework

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We have been working for 3 days to figure out the Layout/Format of your Plugin Framework!  Is there anything more you have to show us how this works.  I have 3 programmers trying to figure it out and it sure is slow guying without your help.



If you take the time to provide us the info, I’ll pay one of our guys to make a write up for the Wiki…  FYI, you need to add a Custom Development category to the Wiki.



wiki page added, thanks for the suggestion:

yes the plugin architecture can be a nightmare to work with, the core was created in the very first UCM version in 2009 and hasn’t had a re-write since. so it’s a bit messy.

Please feel free to list a few questions and I should be able to assist by adding answers to the wiki.

Where do we find the queries?
How do you create the sub menus in the modules?

Great!!! Thanks

I’m gonna send thru another PREMIUM Support ticket to help out…


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