phone calls and follow up for leads

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all leads need to have the ability to create “phone calls” and set follow up date..
every call need to have status to now how the call done.
i think this future need for every business and every company.


You can create this fairly easily with Custom Data. This was one of the first things I made with it. I called it a Call log. Granted, it doesn’t automatically populate information, or connect to job tasks, but it allows me to keep track of all calls incoming or outgoing of customers/leads and list any action items.

You can customize it to your needs in Custom Data. I hope this helps!

Hi savio,
i know i can use “Custom Data” but it have not enough tools to make it good workaround.
i will explain.
after “Custom Data” was released it have not updated. i and other users ask for dtbaker to add more options so we can use “Custom Data” with the right tools.
i am going to explain for example what fields option we need to create good “phone calls” with “Custom Data”.

1. we need field “created by user” this field will show the user who created the phone call and made the call. this field must be read only.

2. child drop down menu based on the main drop down.
when you speak with the client i want to have ability to allow the user “select products the client interesting”
so for example from the main drop down the user select seo, then in the sub menu i want to give him the ability to select what type of seo service the client need. (ppc,facebook etc…) or the same graphic design and etc…

3. look up field. if will allow you for example select some “manager” to assign him the phone call. then the manager can see in his dashboard what phone call he need to be involved.

Yep, I agree it would be nice to have some dynamic data available in custom data and a few other features like you mentioned.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that you could create a simplified version now in Custom data (and as mentioned I know you can’t connect it to jobs/tasks/etc.), but hopefully that would be a help until such time as custom data might be able to populate fields and connect to other portions of UCM – it would be a great help!

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igornnphone calls and follow up for leads