Permission denied - cannot edit UCM files

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I can’t edit any file inside the script (ucm folder)
I got this error :

Could not open /home/myuser/public_html/ucm/includes/config.php for writing: Permission denied

I can edit any files outside this folder , for example:
public_html/folder/file.php = I can edit it
public_html/file.php = I can edit it
public_html/ucm/includes/config.php = !- I CAN NOT
public_html/ucm/design_header.php = !- I CAN NOT

ucm folder = chomod = 755
ucm/design_header.php = chomod = 644

I also tried 777 for both , but no luck
any ideas ?

Thank you



Please send this message to your hosting provider:

“Hello, can you please help me adjust the owner of all the files/folders in the public_html/ucm/ folder so that I can edit these via FTP? These files were automatically installed by a PHP script. Is it possible to leave the permissions so that I can edit these files via FTP and PHP can write to these files at the same time? Thanks”


Hello dtbaker,
Thank you for your quick replay.

I’ll send them the message now.

Thanks again.

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iahmadPermission denied – cannot edit UCM files