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FURTHER Considerations for UPDATES

Ok, I am finding the LACK of IDs or Classes on <p> <div> input and other elements makes it VERY difficult to style specific pages, as you have used a generic template for all pages

any chance of a simple get $page that creates a page class on the BODY?
<body class=”login”> or class=”unsubscribe” subscribe etc or similar, so that we can “latch” onto a page’s class so as to differentiate any CSS page development on a page level.


Login Page > it would be nice to be able to style this page differently so that it does not have a full 100% width, maybe a simple floating box, that then reflects a clients website login.

There are obviously other external pages that need such a treatment, would also enable you to quickly style a range of pages all within a custom.css file (this is a further request)

just a thought

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