Over Due Notice Broken

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Hi there

Since one of the recent updates,
We have added payments to overdue invoices and the invoice owed amount reflect 0.
Which is good but
The invoice status is still overdue and it shows the ” email overdue message on top of the invoice ” as well as showing up in the overdue invoices on the dashboard even though the invoice is settled.

The pay date is after the send date naturally because it was overdue but it used to change the overdue status of the invoice once the amount due was settled by adding a full payment against it.

Can you please roll it out as a quick fix ?

The paid date is not getting set when I’ve been adding adding a bank payment even though that payment due is set to 0.

I have noticed that if you click on the payment date and then click save ( not changing a thing ) then it saves the paid date this time and removes the overdue statues
but not when it is set\saved the first time.

Latest update resolves this error

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mrsteevjOver Due Notice Broken