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My customers order things all the time. I would like a customer only shopping cart like a spreadsheet with quantities and a button that says “order now”

1. customer log in. (same like now, they can see their invoices, etc.)
2. customer go to tab “shop”.
3. customer see table with products in a list style and qty column, they can choose the qty and the total is auto-calculated.
4. customer press “order now” (no credit card needed).
5. I receive the order, then, when processed, I can send invoice to client.

The reason I do not want them to check out right away is because I can cross sell over the phone or upgrade the order, like change brands of monitors or add cables and adapters or mouse pads, etc.

This would be close to the “add-on store” feature request minus the no payment option. That could always be an admin option to “allow immediate payment” or not. You can take a look at the other feature request here:

I almost got it.

I allowed my customers to create jobs, so when they login they can see the tab jobs and add the products to the cart. Once they save the job I can see it in my dashboard, then create the invoice and bill them. or process their card and send the products (or schedule the installation in the calendar).

The thing I need is for them to see ONLY the products in the category “Cart”.

I tried to see where to change it most likely in the plugin_products but I can’t find it.

Anybody help?


public static function get_products($search=array()){

add a bit of custom SQL to limit the results based on user permissions. eg, after:

if(isset($search['product_category_id']) && (int)$search['product_id']>0){
            $sql .= " AND p.product_category_id = ".(int)$search['product_category_id'];


            $sql .= " AND p.product_category_id = 123"; // (change 123 to your "cart" category id from the database)

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mxwealthOnly customers Shopping cart