No FAQ's showing in Admin

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Despite adding several FAQ’s via the admin panel…none of them are showing up. I see that they are in the DB…just not showing on the page.


Are the FAQ articles linked to a particular product?

If not, try adding a FAQ that is linked to one or more FAQ products and see if that helps. If that does help please let me know and we can try to fix the products not displaying.

If they still do not display please send in an email support ticket with more details and we can investigate further.


That seemed to work for the FAQ product…but, those not associated with a product aren’t showing up for some reason.

Nevermind…I went into my DB and associated each FAQ with a product and it fixed everything 😉

Thanks for letting me know about that, I’ll provide a fix so that non-product-associated FAQ items display correctly (never tested that!)

This is now resolved.

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tripod0502No FAQ's showing in Admin