Newsletter System Development/Debug

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I have been using UCM for some time now (2 years) and have purchased it for over 20 clients. I would like to start a topic on the Newsletter System. This is one of the plugins that is least updated by dtbaker; however, this is the primary usage for particularly one of my largest clients. I wanted to share ideas, code, tricks, and developments with this community and invite all of you to post your knowledge.

I will update and post periodically when I have a moment. If anyone would like to contact me directly, they can shoot me an email at

To begin:

File: /includes/plugin_newsletter/newsletter.php
public function process(){
if(isset($_REQUEST['butt_del']) && $_REQUEST['butt_del']
&& $_REQUEST['newsletter_id']
&& !($_REQUEST['send_id'])){
$data = self::get_newsletter($_REQUEST['newsletter_id']);
if(module_form::confirm_delete('newsletter_id',"Really delete newsletter: "
set_message("Newsletter deleted successfully");
} // cont...

I have added && !($_REQUEST['send_id']) to prevent the function from deleting the newsletter_id from the newsletter table and actually process the else if("modify_send" == $_REQUEST['_process']){ // cont... later down the line.

I would also like to integrate the newsletter builder that revaxarts has created The WYSIWYG editor is very easy to make mistakes with for my clients and the modules seems to be a great option. I have integrated the template option from the editor plugin, but this still doesnt let me completely control the code. Any ideas on how to integrate these two?

Thanks for the feedback, we can certainly include any modifications into the core system. Yep the newsletter system surely does need a big update.

Unfortunately integrating the mymail wordpress plugin into UCM is not possible. However re-creating some similar features might be possible.


Very nice work here… My biggest hurdle is the apparent inability to have more than one newsletter? Is that correct?

I need it to manage my biz but I’m not a designer, whatever I use has to have the ability to manage products and subscriptions from multiple sites.

Does this have that capacity?



I haven’t played with the newsletter feature too much, but I believe you can have more than one newsletter. I know you can have different groups set up, and have different users assigned to one or more groups, then send out newsletters to specific groups, so from what you are saying I would create different groups based on the different newsletters, then when u send out a newsletter you send it to the specific group(s) that should receive that newsletter. I hope this helps!

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