Newsletter Images missing

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with images missing when email newsletters are sent out?

Pretty sure I have seen this issue mentioned previously but can’t locate the thread.

Basically the image is uploaded correctly in the newsletter system, it appears correctly at the right hand side (under INSERT IMAGE) ready to be inserted into the campaign. Once clicked and inserted it works fine “INSIDE” UCM (in the WYSIWYG editor and when clicking on the “Browser Preview”).

However when sending to an “Email Preview” or when “sending the campaign out for real” the image is not present in the receiving email client…


Shoot through a support ticket and also a copy of the email preview. Should be able to spot the issue

Hey David,

Will do, should be with you shortly.


Hi David,

Any development on this, did you receive the support ticket sent as requested?

Could use a fix as I need to send out some things through the system containing images…


Have replied to your support ticket. Might need a bit more details to find out the issue.

Newsletter images are resolved. Thanks for reporting this!

Hi, I am having the same problem… where do I send a request?

this issue was resolved in a previous update, have you upgraded your version?

I only purchased UCM on 2nd September and i am using version 2.748 – I have checked for updates and it states “No upgrades available at this time”

The issue related to how the URL was formed, as I said a fix was issued but at the time a quick fix solution that David recommended was:-

“try changing “rewrite links” to true in includes/config.php and re-insert the image into the newsletter” – that might work.

At the time incorrect links looked like: http://DOMAIN/ext.php?m=file&h=download&i=29&hash=1283213b669d12222d0595736a8410ea

After the fix correct links should look like: http://DOMAIN/external/m.file/

You can drop me a contact via my website if you like, might be worth checking that config files…

that has worked a treat thank you very very much. Would you still like me to send something across to you so you can have a nosey?

Hi mate,

No not at all, if you’re all good now that’s great!

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