New User: Jobs Tab Not Displaying Correctly

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I’m having an issue that i require some assistance with if you’d be so kind…

The “Jobs” ( tab when clicked renders the following page…

Screenshot of the page rendered after clicking the JOBS tab

All other pages seem to work fine as they should, it is a recent install, and has been updated with all of the available updates.

Please Advice
Best Regards.

Issue Resolved:

The specific cause is not know but the issue was resolved by deleting (directly from the database via phpmyadmin) a job.

I can only assume that as the job title had a word in brackets EG “CustomerName (CustomersOther CompanyName)” that was maybe causing the page code to break before the style sheet was being called??

Either way, manually deleting the Job fixed my issue.

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keybitgroupNew User: Jobs Tab Not Displaying Correctly