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Hello agane.
We just had problem with new translate system. Almost all strings have duplicates with 2-5 same sentences or words. Is there some solution how to fix that?
After update we put same language file and maybe that is problem why there is lot of duplicates.

And second biggest problem with New and old translation is that we can’t translate lot of words and sentences.
Like: all system messages about Client saved successfully and other pop up messages.
Same problem with section header titles. Some we can translate and some can’t.

We now translate these areas in php files, but that not the best way to do that.

This bug was fixed in the latest update (about an hour ago).

Please open phpMyAdmin and Truncate/Empty the three database language tables:

ucm_language, ucm_language_word and ucm_language_translation

After doing this no more duplicates will show in the language area.

Please send in a support ticket and we can assist with this phpMyAdmin task if you need help.

After update I can translate some new fields, but now I can’t translate Leads when add new.
Lead Information
Primary Contact Details

Ok I imported usig CSV these translations.. But New Lead page title still is Lead: sample text

The latest update includes a fix in the “Customer” and “Lead” area that should make translating “Lead: sample text” better.

Also there is a new “Reset” button in the language area which will remove all words/translations from the system. This will make it easier to recover from the previous translation bug rather than opening up phpMyAdmin.

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