New language system :(

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i update and i have the last version, but still have bug.
case sensybility is too high, for example:

I can’t translate “Add New Job”, cause by defaut your system give me “add new job” in the language section page, so it doesn’t know it’s the same word. According to the system is 2 differents words here. BUT, if i go to CSV file to change and add a new line with “Add New Job”, it doesn’t work cause HERE the system think it’s the same word !!! So according to the system is now the same word, i can’t import it.

Thanks 🙂
I finished the french translation do you want it ?

Please send in a support ticket with a copy of the translation file and we can try to import it here to see the “add new job” issue.

ok thanks 🙂
But there is this problem with a lot of others words… Not just Add New Job…

Try the latest update, it should fix some case sensitive issues.

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kenjiddNew language system :(