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I need a field that contains the address lines formated for printing.

Currently there are 2 symbolics {address_line_1 and address_line_2}
However if address_line_2 is blank then a blank line prints, and there is no conditional logic to prevent this.

I would like a symbolic ( for example {Address_lines}) which would contain address_line_1 and if address_line_2 is not blank a break followed by the data for address_line_2.

Or the ability to add conditional logic to the Invoice template.

I need to find a way to resolve this as I can not go production till addresses are displayed properly in an invoice.
Or please provide info on were to modify to create a new symbolic for the invoice template.



There should be an existing {customer_address} field, but we’ll try to work on some basic conditional logic for templates, maybe something like:


Not sure how hard that will be, but we’ll post back here if we have success.

The problem with the customer address field is that I can not use it in the US mail,

format must be
Name /attn (note this and the next are reversable)
addr1 (delivery address)
addr2 ( suite / appt/ box)
City, St, zip

The field you mention is formated as addr1, addr2, city, st,zip.

US postoffice will not accept (yes I attempted to mail and it was returned).

link to the format they want.




Works like a champ.


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