New Custom Development step by step

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I need some customizations built into ucm and I cannot find anyone to do it for me.

So, I will attempt to do it myself with the current guides available.

If you want to help and or put in any input, please please feel free.

I am not a programmer, but I can follow directions.

Modules to be created:
A Books/Product Module.
This will be to house individual books we produce (through jobs module) and track the url’s and retailers they are listed.
This will be a copy of the “website” module.

It should connect to everything the website module is connected to.

Need vendor module like customers module. A copy of customers that will house vendors.
Only need
pay invoices TO vendors via paypal

It would be great if we could create a signup form/gravity form for job questionaires.
Be able to send the questionaire to the customer and the answers get fed into the job screen. Put another tab for questionaire responses.

Name of the questionaire and link to the answers.

Pay royalties to customers via paypal


Creating a copy of “Website” and “Customer” and getting them to all link together correctly may be quite difficult.

Can I suggest trying out the new “Custom Data” tool? We are actively working on this at the moment and we are adding new features to make this type of custom development possible for everybody.

If you can try it out and let me know what is missing from “Custom Data” that would be great.

The next feature we’re adding to “Custom Data” is the option to have drop downs which link to existing jobs in the system and such. But we’re certainly looking for more feedback and feature requests in this area.


Oh this is great that you will have drop down menus linking to other parts of UCM. Would love a vendors tab like that set out for clients which links to expenses and we can track expenses against vendors and categories for tax like stationery, courses, magazine subscriptions etc

That would be a great feature to custom data – Customer phone numbers, websites, addresses, and names would also be very handy to have as dynamic drop down features!

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amichealsNew Custom Development step by step