New Awesome Theme - AdminLTE

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Nice Free admin theme…

That could be implemented in UCM!

That’s a very nice find, thanks! I’ll bookmark it. No time at the moment but maybe one day soon 🙂

very nice indeed!

This is very nice theme. Thanks for sharing this!

This new UCM theme will be made available soon…

(just started a few minutes ago)

You are so great Mr. Baker!

It’s coming along nicely.

Doing some big backend changes along with this theme to make future themes easier to create.

And (finally) getting rid of most of the old HTML tables that are still around from the very first version 5 years ago.

Would you mind giving us a hint as to when we will be able to use UCM with the AdminLTE theme?

The AdminLTE theme is completed, I need to finish the new “Backup” feature before releasing AdminLTE.

The update to UCM so that it supports AdminLTE (and more themes in the future) is a very big update, so I have to give people a way to backup their system first just incase this very big update doesn’t work for some reason.

It should be mid next week. A newsletter will be sent out when it’s ready.

Thanks for your non-it-will-be-ready-when-its-ready response. Great to hear. Will this AdminLTE theme be also available for the free download to try out first?

What is the right forum area to ask about integrating more ISP-related control panel modules?

BTW I am using Firefox with a dark theme which affects the background color of this textarea such that I can’t see what I am typing unless I select and highlight the text. Maybe a specific “input { background-color: white; }” is needed in a CSS file.

There are a few theme distribution options available. I’ll be releasing it in a way that allows easy installation/updates through UCM and also allowing community forks/improvements. More details will be posted once the finer technical details are ironed out.

A preview of the theme can be seen here:

I found a few areas that are not quite finished yet, once they are fixed it will become available.

Wow, that is quite amazing, well done 🙂

What do you think about this re arranged invoice layout? I think is more intuitive and even responsive ready…!

UCM New Theme -  Invoice concept

Also for the menu you can easly add a slide out copying this code:

Or for a future deep menu


This is for a nice way to display notification:

Hope that can help!

A option to slide or push the LHS menu would be excellent. Especailly in mobile phone view where pushing the RHS pane to the right doesn’t really make sense (to me). A slide over the content with a little transparency on the menu would be better. I could imagine using a menu slide (rather than the current push) in desktop mode as well.

@luca thanks for the suggestions, I’ll see what is possible.

unfortunately these type of changes might not be possible. It is all based on the original AdminLTE theme.


On this theme, the financial graph is displaying in customer accounts and showing all customer data invoices.

Also , in your demo i can see you are able to move the boxes on dashboard. I can’t do that in my install.

Thank you

@Daniel C For the Drag & Drop feature: seems that the .js was not added so you can download the template package or right click and save as on this linkDOWNLOAD. Just upload it ” your directory/includes/plugin_theme_adminlte/js/AdminLTE/dashboard.js

Then it should work fine. Once dtbaker sees this im sure it will be fixed, or maybe he left it out for a reason for now.

Thank you. The file exists in the package downloaded from TF. but for whatever reason was not copied on my server when installing the theme.

even if try and move the block on the dashboard, at the next refresh they still display in the original default order.

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lucaNew Awesome Theme – AdminLTE