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I’ve noticed that only the initial administrator user has all of the control. When I try to create another admin user for my business partner – it only lets me select a certain amount of privileges. How can I create another admin account that has ALL the control so me and my partner can use separate accounts rather than one account which makes it hard to assign tasks to each other?
Thanks in advance

Bump… ignored for 2 weeks while all other topics are being replied to… starting to get a feel of a wasted 60 bucks… :/

Permissions within User Roles will appear once a user “tries” to access a permission. Setup a new Admin and tick all available permissions. If you find you cannot do something as that new Admin then go back to User Roles and tick any newly available permissions.

Thanks! Is there any hard-coded way to give user all permissions from the beginning? Or to show all boxes at all times, without having to try things out first? It’ll take ages to try out everything and go back and forth to tick options. And it’s really a simple and essential feature to have control over permissions at all times.

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