Multiple "Super Admins"?

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I noticed on the main install account, that that user seems to be a Super Admin – where all permissions are automatically given. Is there a way to have multiple of these without checking all the boxes of the User Roles? I find that for the Admin User Role when I was setting up a new install, the enable box wouldn’t appear until we tried to use a feature (like Invoice > Delete) so then I would have to go back to the user role, find the newly visible box, and enable this. Custom Data Modules also have to be enabled for Admins.

This became a bit tedious.

Is there a way that the Super Admin can assign new Super Admins, or, if not, could you tell me where in the MySQL I can give others that role/permission status?

Many thanks!

I did see the notice at the bottom of the User Roles:
Items will appear above only after that permission is attempted to be accessed. Please create a new user, assign them to this role and login as that user to generate more available permissions above.

Is there a way to disable this as it is more tedious to set up User Accounts when you have to go back and forth, and some of the features you now you want to enable sometimes don’t always “activate” right away when you try to use them. It is a lot easier to have all the boxes already visible (I think that is how it used to work)?

Of course, the multiple super admin role would also be very helpful!!

Was this question ever addressed?

I don’t believe so 🙁

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savioMultiple "Super Admins"?