Multiple Invoices (20+!!)

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Suddenly the system is randomly picking one client that has either an overdue, or new invoice and sending continually to them up to 30 times.

Is this a code thing?
Only started happening since I last updated a few days ago.

Best if you could send through a screenshot of the issue, or better yet send in a support ticket with some temporary UCM login details and some phpMyAdmin details. We can look through the system and find out where these invoices could be generating from.

Sorry, just to clarify, it isn’t making the invoice 20+ times, it is just emailing it to the client that many times.

There is only 1 invoice ID but it just sends the usual reminder or initial invoice email over and over again.

It only seems to do it randomly and with 1 client, not all.

I am happy to send details but I worry you won’t see much as it is just the emails.

Looking through the database ’email’ table might give me some clue as to why the emails are re-sending. Happy to look into it more, it’s not something I’ve seen reported before so not entirely sure what is happening.

Sorry for my delayed reply but it is still doing this.
Clients are thinking this is an accounts department tactic to get them to pay!

I checked the “emails” table and it is just the same customer ID, invoice ID and status 2 sending one after the other.

Is it something in the cron perhaps?

Yes the cron could be running multiple times or something like that.

Are you running the latest version of the ‘cron.php’ update and the invoice.php file? Or have these been customised?

I have updated to the latest version if that is your question?
No custom code at all.
I am actually watching it do it just now. Just did 20 🙁

It seems to do the final invoice of the overdue / due run. So if it has 20 to send, 1-19 send only 1 but #20 sends 20 copies. Anything you want me to try?

Any ideas at all?

It does 20 odd invoices to 1 client every day and obviously is causing some problems.

Sounds like I’d need to have a look at the UCM installation and phpMyAdmin database. If you would like to send through details in a support ticket I would be more than happy to investigate and solve this issue.

All fixed. Cheers

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booyahcMultiple Invoices (20+!!)