Multiple incoming email accounts

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Hi. I thought UCM had this already but my mistake!

I would like emails to different departments of our organisation, open new tickets and be assigned to the relevant staff member/s. opens new “support type ticket” which is assigned to the “support” group or to users John & Sally and notifies them to their personal email accounts open new “sales type ticket” department ticket and notifies Fred to his personal email account

Also then when support@ or sales@ replies to a ticket, the reply address is support@ or sales@
(Then we can even give out these email addresses for people to email direct if they needed to)

We can probably contribute something towards this in a few weeks after we have started selling tickets for an upcoming event (for which I bought UCM pro…to help us organise it better, but I didn’t realise this feature was not available! oops)

Is anybody else interested in this functionality? I would have thought it is standard functionality for CRM software so I hope it can be added. Maybe a few others might be interested and can also contribute?

Sorry I seem to have been using UCM with my eyes closed, it does support multiple email accounts. Sorry!!!

It is because the “add new account” button is not there when viewing a pop/imap account. You have to click the main “Ticket POP3/IMAP accounts” button again for the button to be visible

This reminds me of others areas of the UCM admin, when viewing a specific entry of any part of UCM, there is no button to add a new one. You have to click the button to go back to the main view of that area, then click to add a new item. I think it would be a big improvement if the “add new” button was always visible else it is just extra clicking.

Also I don’t seem able to add groups in the main admin area. Only when viewing a user, etc, I can add groups. This is also a bit confusing.

Thank you

I would however like to request that email forwarding addresses can be supported, it can be a lot easier than setting up loads of individual POP/IMAP accounts for some circumstances and can save the mail server checking too many accounts.

Then depending on the “TO” address, e.g., support@ sales@ bookings@ can be assigned to the relevant default ticket types.

Could save a lot of work for UCM admin and for local and mail provider server resources.

Thank you.

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