Multiple Files upload and freelancer module

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Dear Mr.Dtbaker,

First of all, great product. I’m, very much impressed and glad that I’ve purchased UCM and whitelable theme.

Please convey my kudos to all your team members. Cheers…

My Requests as below,

Total 3.

No 1:  When creating a job, I want a option to add the time in DAYS and add a price for it manually or fix any price per day and then send it to the client. So that the client will see total number of day and price. ( I don’t want to go to settings every time and change the title as days. If there is a handy option ( a radio button or checkbox )on the job creation page to swap between days or hours that will be great.

No2: I have created a user role named as ‘staff ‘ and I haven’t given access to see the quote or the price given by me to my clients. when I log in as staff, I was unable to see the quote or the price which is perfect BUT when i click view the job in external link. The staff  user, who doesn’t have permission to view the price can see the price now in external job link – please fix this or let me know how to set up from my end.

I work with lot of freelancers so my UCM process is to add a new client, add new Jobs for them, fix price for my client, assign staff ( in my case any x,y,z freelancer ) and then send the job to the client and my staff. So I want the client to see my price but my staff ( freelancer ) not to see my price because freelancer price is lesser that what I quote for my actual client as it will add up my profit as-well.

I want to create a job and I need a option to allocate this job to any freelancer in my system and manage the price separately for the freelancer and the client.  Can this be done in future?

No3: When Uploading files, I want multiple file upload in one record. For example, when i design logo I have 4 logo design options for my client. When i upload in current system i have to upload 4 times as separate files but instead, if I have a option to add one title ( Lawer company LogoV1.0 ), 4 description for each file ( logo1, logo2, logo3, logo4) and upload all the 4 logos in one go and the client should view all the 4 logos in a single page, may be a small arrow below the image to scroll between different designs of the logo and the corresponding comment on the right hand side. You might think a better solution than me or let me know how can I achieve the above in the current system.

I don’t know if I can post all the 3 features in one post, if this is not appropriate I will correct it from my next posts.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for the detailed requests! We’ll certainly look at these in coming updates.

Dear Mr.Baker,

To update my previous request point number : 3.  – FILES MODULE – MAJOR UPDATE.                                                                                                                          I have prepared few screenshots for better understanding of the requirement request.

Please Kindly consider the attached screenshot for FILES module, which I believe will be very very useful for others as-well. This files module needs a major update

Basically under any customer, admin should have option to group the files, for example version1.0 set of logos will have 4 logo image files which can be uploaded under one group and this group is only for that particular customer.

Screenshot 1 :- to upload files :-

Once uploaded the files listing page can be like this as shown in below screenshot

Screenshot 2 :-

Currently how the files detail page looks – Screenshot 3 :-

How the detailed pages needed in the upgraded version :- Secreenshot 4 :-

and the last thing is to have a discussion area inside our system, only authorized person can have discussion, this will enable admins to stop using email and start all the discussion about the project here inside the UCM itself which will make users to use the UCM more. For example I saw another application inside codecanyon. Screen shot attached for discussion and attachment:-


Codecanyon link for the other application :

Screenshot page :-

Application main page :-

Whenever you have plans for the update on files section,  Kindly consider all the above mentioned features which will be very useful for anyone. When I get free time I will try to prepare some screenshot for FREELANCE module aswell 🙂 which is also very much needed.



I would imagine thing would be easier to track if you kept it o a single issue per post.  I like the Multiple File upload but I think you are putting to much in a single request here… Break it up so each topic can be dealt with and discussed individually.


Dear Mr.Patchworks,

My previous post here is not about any issues. It all about FEATURES REQUEST, that’s why I posted this under FEATURES REQUEST SECTION and if you follow from top to bottom its all comes under FILES MODULE. If I break up this into small topics, no one could follow the flow. I have given the full flow as step by step if you read it from top to bottom for one single module which is FILES management module. If it is different modules and different issues I would consider to break it up.

I posted this under my previous post because my recent post is a detailed screenshot of my previous request and I thought it will be easy for the Admin to track it as one request rather 2 request in 2 different places. Many thanks for your suggestion Mr.Patchworks 🙂 . I will be more precise in future…. 🙂

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