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Hello there,

I installed and tested UCM Pro on my testing server and made some changes to invoice templates etc, now I can move it to my production server.

Any advices before I start? Anyone tried it before?


Thank you!

Okay, here is what I have done so far and seems to work out pretty well.

notice: if you have tried UCM on a test environment and now want to move to a live server you can find what I did in order to make it work
Backup your db
First thing first ­čÖé Before starting anything just back up your database! Here is a tutorial if you do not know how to do it.
After saving your .sql file to a safe place proceed to next step.
Back up your files
Your UCM installed loacally?
Find your files where you placed them on your HDD and get ready to upload your live server!
Your UCM is installed on a server?
From your web disk management or your favorite FTP client get to your files and download them to move your live server.
Get your db ready
Now it is time to upload your database to live server, if you are using phpMyAdmin here is a as well.
Restoring does not end so good because your old adress (i.e.: localhost) is written all over in your database. I used a small script to find all adress fields and change them at once. You can find the small PHP file . ***Please note: If you use this PHP file delete it after using it!
Copy your old files to the server
This step is pretty simple! Just copy everything to your new server. But a small warning here, keep your folder name same. As an example, on my local server it used to be in http://localhost/ucmpro/ than on my live server I changed it to /ucm and some logos needed to be updated. OR you can change adress + patch with searchandreplace2.php (which I did not mind on my try:) )
Edit your config.php file
Under your includes/ folder there is a config.php , just open it and edit as needed about your db, usr name and pass info so application can reach to database.
Notice: even changing your data system might give some error, refresh the page and it gets ok. Do not know why, work that way on my trial.

Run your app
Try to run your application, probably might get a few warning but everything hopefully works great!

Even using searchandreplace2.php did not changed some links? On settings page is it redirecting you to your old server? Than try this:
and here change URL for your system to your new adress!

Hope this help, and thank you for this great application!

Also please note: Your license might seem duplicated; you can see this warning under Settings > Upgrade:

If you have recently moved hosting accounts or changed folder names please wait a couple of days before using the automated update system again or simply contact us and we can assist. Thank you for supporting this software!

Give it some time, just do not use other system and if will be fixed. Otherwise contact to UCM support.

I’m getting this error with the duplicate license and waiting a few days hasn’t fixed it. ┬áHere is my support thread! ┬áPlease advise!

Dear friend,

As far as I can say, application is not seeking a test/live environment. @dtbaker might have a better answer but you might also do as I did, develop it on testing server than move to live server.

There’s a smarter approach to accomplish this.

This afternoon i migrated my complete installation to another (virtual) machine.
I stopped the webserver and took a backup from the database using phpmyadmin.

on the new host you create and restore the mysql database using the same name as the original db.
Make sure to create a user in mysql using the proper db rights.

Then you do a clean install using the install-free.php script.

Enter the db server info and it will see the filled tables.

Then you open the hosts file of your working machine (laptop/desktop) and fool your computer
to think it’s still connecting to your old installation.


old server hostname: server1
old server ip:
new server hostname: server2
new server ip:

so this is wat your enter in your hosts file:

################ Hosts file ################ server1


If you do a ping to server1 it should now resolve to

The example is a standard class C network, but you can also do this
with public ip’s and FQDN’s.

Then you can login using the url of the old server and change the url or other settings.

It took some time figure it out, so i thought i would share with you.

And don’t forget to clean up the hosts file, or you can never connect to server1 usings it’s hostname !!!

and don’t forget to copy custom created files from the old webserver directories, so maybe it’s smart to
do copy from the old webserver dir to the new one WITHOUT overwriting files.


Paul Buijtels
Compass IT

And the script sleexmx wrote about to update the links in the database using the searchandreplace2.php script.
otherwise your links to stuff already in the database won’t be updated and cannot be accessed because they are still linked to the old hostname.
Probably best to do this right after the restore.

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