Module to manage leads

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A nice feature can be a module to manage leads.


That would be perfect!

This would allow any type of business to set their own workflow to create, manage and convert leads. +1

If anyone can provide some examples of how this would work in UCM that would help a lot. If anyone is good with photoshop the best option for feature requests is to do a “mockup” of a screen showing all the desired options/buttons/etc…

Great, I will work on this and send it to you. Thanks

+1 This would be great!

manage leads model need for every business today. and will be great.

Hey guys,

The latest update includes a “Leads” feature. This allows you to separate Customers from Leads, and convert a Lead into a Customer.

At the moment a “Lead” is exactly the same as a “Customer”, they have all the same features and abilities.

If anybody has some ideas on new features that are available to only “Leads” and not “Customers” please feel free to share them here.


Hi dtbaker,


A few additional ideas and feature requests for the Lead Management Plugin

1) Automated tasks: Schedule and send emails automatically to new leads. Set up a drip email marketing campaign for leads.
2) Email Analytics: Track open and click through rates of emails
3) Track Calls: Integrate with Google voice account/number for outbound calls. Skype would be another great tool here.
4) Automatic follow up reminders: updates on the dashboard for the next time to reach out to a clients via phone or email.
5) Last contact: When was the last time this lead was reached out to?
6) Sales funnels: Track a lead through all parts (warm lead, cold call, referral, requested demo, demo shown, etc.) of the sale process.
7) Pipeline management: Set goals (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly) for new leads generated by sales team/individuals
8) Reports: See whats happening with your leads, what part of the sales funnel they are in, what is your close rate, and how/where can you improve.


If you would like me to build a mockup of this I would love to. Just let me know what email to send it to. 🙂

I will happily put $ 200 into the pot for a plug in as described by wjmediadesign – or if there is a bespoke developer interested in custom work for such a module please contact me urgently.

I would be down to throw in $100 and do the front end design in Photoshop. I can help with the html and css too.


Thanks for the active feedback on this feature request.

Unfortunately at this stage any large “Lead” overhauls are not planned. Please try the “Custom Data” feature, we are seeing lots of people create interesting ways of tracking customer interactions using this feature. It would be perfect for leads. (example, tracking outcomes of phone calls, etc..)


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