Missing language keys

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in plugin_incoice/invoice.php line 1937 is taxe_name configured as “TAX”.

Therefore it is not translatable through the language file. I would need “MWST”.

This is when the invoice is for a subscription (manual invoice is ok).

An invoice with a subscription prints the from to date like 14.10.2013 to 21.14.2013. In German I would need “to” to be “bis”. Didn’t find the place to modify.

There are other strings that are not in the language file that should be. They don’t bother at the moment but will when I get along with my setup. How do you want me to report those?

The German language file is not up to date compared with the English file. If there are new language keys in English, do you add them in the sections you have remarks for (which are not there in the German one), or do you add them at the bottom of the file. I do ask for I might do a reorganisation of the German file to make it easier to compare with the English one once I have UCM running the way I need it.

Ok, the TAX thing is translatable in the Anvanced settings. Sorry just found that.


i also have problems with the german translation at the point “from to date like 14.10.2013 to 21.14.2013”. as werner said, we have to change the TO displaying as BIS.

any ideas?



on line 1390 (…) you will have to change the %s to %s to %s bis %s like here:

private static function _calculate_next_time($time, $subscription, $as_time_period=false) {
$next_time = $time;
$next_time = strtotime(‘+’.abs((int)$subscription[‘days’]).’ days’,$next_time);
$next_time = strtotime(‘+’.abs((int)$subscription[‘months’]).’ months’,$next_time);
$next_time = strtotime(‘+’.abs((int)$subscription[‘years’]).’ years’,$next_time);
return ‘ (‘._l(‘%s bis %s’,print_date($time),print_date(strtotime(“-1 day”,$next_time))).’)’;
return $next_time;

then it works correctyl…until the next core-update.

Thanks Hajo

Got the “to” thing solved with a ticket the last few days. >ou might contact me if you are interested gusset @ octave2. ch

I need to add that there are many strings in the subscription section that are not translatable in the language file. I fear to translate those in a hack. An update, and gone they are.

It is a bit frustrating for a software that says “Multi currency & language”.

I don’t mind the bad German translation, but hard coded strings…

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