Merge Selected Invoice - Payment History Erased

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I have a customer that has been billed for one portion of the job and they paid for that portion. The system did show that it was paid (via stripe) :). When i went to add another task to the job and make an invoice, the system asked if i wanted to merge, i chose yes. After merging the invoices, the system now shows a total due of both jobs, it did not keep the payment that was made so it now shows both tasks as being owed.




Thank you for letting me know about this error in merging invoices.

Paid invoices should not be able to be merged, I will investigate and find out why this happened.


The system will provide the offer to merge all “unsent” invoices. This means if no “sent date” is entered into an invoice it can be merged with another invoice. Generally the “sent date” is added when the invoice is paid, maybe in this case the “sent date” was not added to the original invoice?

Anyway I will improve the merging feature to ignore any invoices that have payments against them.

This is resolved, invoices can now not be merged if they already have payments against them.

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reviewerMerge Selected Invoice – Payment History Erased