many, many problems with UCM Pro

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firstly there is a bug that whenever you reach the bottom of certain screens it bounces you back to the top. this would only be a minor annoyance except one of my coworkers screens is not big enough to get to the settings before being bounced back to the top. furthermore it seems that only one user can be logged in at a time. for example if User1 logs in and starts working then User2 logs in, they next time User1’s page is refreshed he will be logged in as User2. any help that you can provide would be great.

Settings > Themes > Menu style – fix the flickering by changing it to Normal rather than Fixed.

If you are trying to login as two different users in the same web browser then yes that will not work (just like pretty much every other web based service). If you wish to use two user accounts from the same computer please use two different web browsers, for example, User #1 in Google Chrome and User #2 in Firefox.

no no no not on the same computer, two completely different people logging in on two different computers.

That’s quite strange indeed! I would be very interested to investigate this further for you. I have just replied to your email support ticket. Thanks, dtbaker

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loganmany, many problems with UCM Pro